Loneliness ⋆ Infomania


Loneliness is silent killer in everyone life
We all wanted to be loved all want that there is and always someone who understand us talk to us but why don’t be ourself
It’s better to live alone then accepted by toxic people.there not powerful there time is powerful let them bark
It’s not necessary to answer a fool just prove urself

One day your success will be a big slap on there faces
Till then have patience reacting on bad timing make situation worse for you don afraid to stand alone your self respect matters most then toxic people in your life
Life is not fair and easy to everyone after being feel dead from inside you take a rebirth and shine like a star

Have patience don’t react imagine your life in greatly
One day you reach to the high peak of your life

Written by
Poonam Aggarwal


I launched this website to inform people about various things before they buy or visit to any place

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