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Depression now days become so unusual Just like eating,breathing,everyone is broken down somewhere in there life Now days it’s really tough to talk to anyone and share our pain and deep emotions,there so much inside us we can never express.
Materialistic life becomes so important now days no one have time to understand each other what we genuinely feel from inside/pain ,loneliness,anxiety,insomnia in deep.everyone going through this emotions No one have guts to say and express loudly .the first reason is no one is realNow to empaths the emotions Nowadays people judge too quick then another option come watch motivational video of certain people and Feel positive and relaxed that stay for few moments 
There is no medicine and therapy to overcome from situations all we can do is to learn and grow and become stronger from the past failures.Happiness is temporary,materialistic things give you happiness for few times But pain and death are permanent If Handel pain and live pain maturely then we become unstoppable .one day we reach our path. One we get our motives why we are here . Have patience prey, laugh,live,enjoy with full faith in god and in spend more time with nature.your experience 
“Don’t die inside because it happens to teach you what is life “
“Don’t cry if someone breaks you heart it happens to teach you strong”
“Don’t lose hope while facing the failure it happens to become you a wiser”
“Don’t get devastated If someone close was cheated on you it happens to teach you grow”
“Don’t doubt on yourself if you have done mistakes it happens to make you warrior out of human being”
“Don’t curse the master plan of god when you lost all the path it happens something to teachDon’t let your past control your head either it will happen again n again”
Written Poonam Aggarwal 

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